10 Steps to Mompreneur Enlightened Skincare


Mompreneurship can wear a mama down! As a mother of 2 kids, running the home, tending to a 26 foot geodesic biome greenhouse, putting on the hat of a business owner running 2 online businesses as well as treating patients in my Holistic Medicine clinic, I need every cliff notes version of just about every self care practice out there!

From workouts, to meditation practice, to cooking/juicing,to self love regimens and even my skincare routine, I simply don't have additional time to spare. For me, there is literally nothing more important than being the best mama I can be for my babies. This means putting myself first and making sure my needs are met (by me, not by others) and doing what I need to do in order to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Easier said than done of course (notice I did't use the word "balance?!"....)

After my daughter was born, I started seeing some major changes in my habits, my thought patterns and my appearance. It was likely due to lack of sleep, hormonal shifts/imbalances and overexertion. New moms don't usually consider the critical nature of the limbic system that requires socialization. The less we socialize the more depressed we get and few can wear depression well. We tend to get holed up with our baby and even isolate ourselves due to feeling overall yuck and thinking we look overall yuck. Add an entrepreneurial life to new motherhood and you can add spinning wheels and intolerable brain fog to the list of yuck!

The best supplements for fatigue

Do any other mamas out there feel me?! The bottom line is, I went though all the above and so I decided to give myself a daily practice of self care, self love and of course it was the cliff notes version that totals 5-7 minutes/day (included getting dressed.)

The step by step skincare routine that changed my life:

1) I look in the mirror without judgement
2) I smile at myself, taking note of the condition of my skin (my eye whites, the under eye area, the skin tone for example.)
3) I chug a glass of water
4) I then splash water on my face, wet the konjac sponge and wipe it all over my face several times in circular motions (Konjac sponges gently exfoliate without using cleansers that strip away the natural oils in the skin)
5) With my face still wet, I apply the Bodhi Derma Transform face mask. With the product on my face as I wait for it to dry, I speak quietly or aloud the affirmation written on the mask packaging, which relates to the Throat chakra.
6) I walk away from the bathroom, put on my clothes with an awareness around balancing the throat chakra (speaking my truth, being a good listener and speaking from the heart.) I get dressed while the mask is drying. Once dressed I return to the sink.
7) With warm water I rinse off the mask
8) I apply the Bodhi Derma Awaken toner to a cotton ball and sweep all over face, throat chest and backs of hands. I smell the heavenly plant based fragrance with back notes of white tea, rose and mulberry. (For a moment I feel transported to a garden in paradise where the humidity makes my skin glow....and within seconds I am back to the mirror again.)  Taking notice of the glow, the instantly firm and hydrated face that is officially "awakened," I read the affirmation on the bottle that relates to the third eye chakra. (This is the chakra of intuition, of trusting your "knowing" and going with your gut.) I apply more toner to the cotton ball and sweep across the face for a second round of skin food. At this point I start thinking about what healthy fruit or maybe even cold pressed juice I might indulge in for breakfast.

(Here's a favorite!)

9) I apply the serum all over face, throat, chest and backs of hands. I say the affirmation on the back of the gorgeous UV protected, deep indigo glass bottle. The affirmation relates to the solar plexus chakra (the chakra of the ego, of our relationship to our environment and to all living things.)
10) I look in the mirror with admiration. Take a big breath in, breathing in love and exhaling any negative thought patterns that do not serve me. I pick up my toddler and give him kisses, call my daughter who is by now on her 3rd outfit change of the day, into the bathroom to brush her teethe (and apply toner, because she just loves it!) Sometimes I apply mascara (because I just like it). Sometimes I apply primer or a little rose & frankincense essential oil blended in jojoba oil, sometimes I don't. Note: don't forget to brush your teeth.

How, you may ask, has this routine changed my life? For one, I heighten my awareness around speaking my truth, trusting my intuition and feeling harmony with all life. Secondly, I embrace my face, as it is and enhance my natural beauty that just needs a little attention and plant medicine. Third, I gave myself 5 minutes of TLC (drinking water, mindfully nurturing my self and not trying to change my face and not torturing it (attention pickers!)

I am the face of change.

My kids remind me daily that change is constant and ongoing. They also require a lot of my energy and attention, which tends to show on the outside if I am not mindful of nurturing myself (remember, we put our mask on before we put our child's mask on, in the unlikely event of a change in cabin pressure.) I am going to laugh (crow's feet), stress (forehead lines) worry (jowls) and discern (furrowed brow.)

I will forget my sunglasses bc I was too busy packing up my kids stuff for the umpteen activities I have planned (more crow's feet due to squinting.) I will forget to drink water or eat food because I was too busy triple checking the diaper bag for all the necessary essentials (dehydration -> gray and flaky skin.) And all these lines, the facial landscape etc. become my story.

Rather than desiring to erase parts of my journey, I choose to embrace them. One of my dreams is to be a healthy, wise older woman to whom my kids and their kids come to for advice and answers to their troubles. This being said, accepting visible signs of aging as inevitable doesn't mean letting myself go, giving myself carte blanche to eat nutritionally deficient foods, accept self-neglect as the norm, go to sleep without washing my face (which I NEVER do,) not guzzle water or consume tonic herbs galore in order to keep my qi, blood and bones strong or stop getting decent exercise. Quite the opposite. It means doing all those above mentioned things. I'd love for other mamas to join the face of change movement and experience how life changing healthy skincare can be! 


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