Vibrating at a Higher Frequency



Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including Gregorian Chants that were popularized in the last decade. The chants and their special tones were believed to have spiritual significance when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. 

Each of our chakras vibrates at specific frequency, just as each set of cells in our body does.  It is believed that by listening to these tones a couple of times a week, the energy system can remain calibrated for better health and functionality. 

You can listen to these tones through headphones or on a sound system in the background at home. We've experimented with these and a very western medically trained cardiac trauma nurse listened to the tones for a few weeks between 
acupuncture treatments, and when she came for a tune up, her chakras were spinning evenly and regularly. I was surprised both at the effectiveness of the tones, and the fact that she conscientiously set about listening to them. She said she felt better than usual and attributed it to the tones that she listened to while meditating. 

Each tone is about 5 mins long. Seven tones x 5 mins = 35 mins. A great time for meditation or just a rest. 

You can download free tones at this URL:

Check out their site too, for interesting information and variants on the individual tones. 


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