Raw Chocolate Mousse


Consider this decadent raw treat a beauty boosting super food! And avocados are basically nature’s multivitamin in a fruit. This recipe can be enjoyed for breakfast, snack, lunch or dessert and satisfies the sweet tooth. Got PMS? This rawsome recipe is the perfect sub for sweet/fatty/comfort cravings!


2 avocados
Raw cacao (to taste)
6 Tbs coconut oil
Maple syrup or raw honey (to taste)]
Optional: 1 ripe banana
Sliced strawberry as garnish

Using a food processor, vitamix, nutribullet or other, add 2 ripe avocados, 3 T maple syrup, 4 T cacao, 6 T coconut oil and optional banana. Blend until smooth and creamy. Can add more maple syrup and cacao to taste. 

Rich in potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids, fiber and vitamins, this raw super food mousse is excellent for brain health, muscles, digestion and it nourishes skin

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  • NIna GUllaksen

    Looking forward to make it

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