Movement vs. Esthetics

We are not safely out of the static gym workout era, but we're close. Arnold's "Pumping Iron," Stallone's "Rambo" and the generation of Gold's Gym, muscle cars, sleeveless t-shirts and walking like a monkey is coming to an inflexible close. 

Fitness has gone through many different transformations, and the more we learn, the easier it becomes to get fit, lean and (one would hope) healthier. Gas-inducing protein shakes, aneurisms caused by ephedra-based "ripping" agents and high carb and fat free are all being systematically replaced by  testosterone boosters, plant protein, NO2 and high fat, low carb diets. 

One proponent of the functional over the esthetic is Ido Portal. He derives his system of movement from gymnastics, dance, martial arts and yoga. He has stated that the esthetic is not functional; if we do not design our bodies around movement, then we are not effectively using our exercise time. 

Yoga addresses this in the stretching of muscles - anyone with lower back pain who has practiced yoga therapeutically will know that it is highly effective - but exercising for 90 minutes on a mat in a room does pose the question, "Are we doing this so we can continue to maintain a sub-optimal lifestyle?"  Yoga is great, but it's just another form of exercise. It is taken to the extreme by some people who begin to egoically adopt it as a lifestyle, but for many it is just a way to keep the balance. 

A friend recently went to Thailand to push himself beyond his comfort zone and entered the "Movement 2016" camp. He is a yoga teacher and was blown away. It was a stripping away of limitations, which is one of the other things that Portal espouses in his teachings. 

It all sounds good. Keep your eye out for classes as this becomes bigger and bigger.

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