Training With the Well-Informed

Bodhi Vida Skincare training with the well-informed

It used to be that you’d go to a gym and someone who vaguely knew how to sling some weights around would be your trainer.  I remember going to 24 Hour Fitness and seeing a guy who looked more like an expert in cake-eating than fitness, sitting on a piece of equipment and absently instructing his client on how to use the machinery. That is not cutting the mustard these days and the ante has been raised. A lot. 

Perhaps the easy access to more information via technology and the easy-outing of ignoramuses along with an elevated ideal of what a fit body should look like are contributing to a higher grade of education for your personal trainer.

Books are now available on how to get ripped abs. Online resources and eBooks are highly competitive for impulse buyers with a momentary motivation to buy themselves back into a youthful body via the computer screen, but most of all the quality of education is improving.

“I can’t believe that people still eat bread!” a trainer confided to me.  That’s right. Bread is bad. Didn’t you already know that? The informational seat of a pair of walnut-cracking buns is nutrition, and that’s where the education is improving across the board. 

Supplement companies are forever trying to come up with short cuts to veiny lower abs, but NO2 and green tea are only going to get you so far. High carb, low fat diets are taking their deserved place in the past and Paleo, LCHF (low carb, high fat) are in. Even veganism is preferable to the old ways. People still think that low fat is a sensible option, but fortunately they are fewer and fewer in number.

Trainers, it seems, are now required not just to have an understanding of anatomy, but also physiology and nutrition. Having something to show for their expertise beyond a weekend certification course is becoming paramount.

And that’s a good thing, right?

How does your trainer measure up?

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