How to Follow our Purpose



How to Follow Our Purpose.

To find purpose in life is to find meaning to ones life. Without purpose it is like building a jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box lid to act as a guide. The jigsaw seems initially impossible, then only through random selection and “luck” can we join the pieces in a manner which gradually reveals more clues as to what the image will look like. What a way to live! Are we always looking for common elements or similarities in order to keep moving forward? Is this what is meant by seeing “the big picture”? It sounds like it to me. In this sense, the achievement, which is felt, is for the successful completion of a fragment of the puzzle, yet without the big picture to go by, progress is slow and the rewards limited. How does this metaphor correspond to the enlightened and spiritual process of upward mobility? Read on…

Lasting happiness comes from steadily working to accomplish our goals and advancing confidently in the direction of our life’s purpose. This is the secret to kindling the inner flame. Being productive in a non-frenetic manner will make the “upward” in “upwardly mobile” seem less of an uphill task. Each person has a purposeful life to lead and a purpose to fulfill; in this sense everything we do has value, if we choose to perceive it as such.

Focusing with concentration on everything we do makes the slightest chore a challenge for the mind and thus nurtures our creativity. To view a “chore” positively takes the drudgery out of life and fortifies our spirit with discipline and encourages us to be kind to ourselves and therefore (hopefully) kinder to others.

When we know what aims we wish to achieve over the course of life, whether they are material, spiritual, emotional or spiritual and we spend our days accomplishing them, we will find eternal joy in accomplishing them. We will come to know a splendid reality. But first we must know our life’s aim and manifest this vision by constant action in its direction. This is called “Dharma” which is Sanskrit for “life’s purpose”.

Setting goals, both short and long term, create a momentum in life which takes away the negative thinking and the doubt and the second guessing. It is, in effect, putting one foot in front of the other. But this cannot be achieved without having seen the picture on the top of the jigsaw puzzle lid.

There is always an apparent risk in self-examination and soul searching. We will not find joy in eating, sleeping, relaxing or spending time like an idler once we have found our purpose. The happiness we search for is reflected in the worthy aims we are dedicated to achieving and then taking daily action to advancing them. Although this method of living embodies the concept of “enjoying the journey”, the effectiveness is always judged by results. People for the most part cannot be measured by their intent, but rather by their actions. For each bulls eye a marksman scores, there are a hundred misses. And until the marksman can clearly see his target, the chance of hitting that one bulls eye is almost impossible.

Focus and vision are paramount in beginning ones path; if I don’t have a list of goals, how can I work towards them? Anyone who hopes to develop their inner as well as their outer worlds would do well to write down their life aims on a piece of paper. At the moment this is done, a commitment has been made and natural forces come into play and dreams begin the transformation to reality. How does one find out ones purpose? The answer to that is “joriki”. This means “concentrated mind”. Concentrate every ounce of our mental energy on self-discovery and we will find our passion. Once that becomes clear there is no turning back. Gradually more will be revealed and then only adherence to the principles of well living and enlightenment will keep the road to living that purpose free of obstacles of delusion.

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