7 Ways to Deal With Dry Skin

hydrate dry skin


Taking steps to deal with dry skin is a lot easier than you might have thought. Try the following for a month and see what happens!

1) CLEANSE: Wash with water only. Harsh cleansers and hand soap (guys!) can affect the pH balance of the skin, leading to dryness and flakiness. Use warm water only. (This does not apply to women or men using products like makeup or sunscreen. Using oils to wash your face is optimal for maintaining the moisture and removing oily products! Try jojoba as a basic oil cleanser starter. Argan is better for dry skin with redness as it soothes and balances. Rosehip oil is the most regenerative cleansing oil for aging skin.) apply directly to skin in upward circular motions and remove with a moist wash cloth. Your skin will feel moist and clean!

2.) TONIFY: After cleansing, moisturize with a toner like a basic rose water or our personal favorite, The Awaken toner from our Bodhi Derma line. One of the biggest causes for dry skin is acidity in the water we drink or wash our face with. Using a toner helps to balance skin's pH and seal moisture into the skin.

3) MOISTURIZE: Moisturize in the morning and at night. Our favorite skin routine is as follows: 1. cleanse with water or oil. 2. Follow with toner or rose water. 3. Apply a serum 4. Use oil or cream.

For very dry skin we formulated the Bodhi Vida Rich Cream. We suggest using the serum first and follow with the rich cream. For less dry skin we have the Bodhi Vida light cream, also best when followed by the serum. Apply gently before you get on with your day to protect your skin from heat, cold, wind and pollutants.

DIY approach, use raw aloe vera before bed. Just buy a plant and use the gel directly from the plant. For really dry skin apply a an oil before bed (coconut oil or jojoba oil are a great start.) It is fine to use aloe vera first and follow with one of the oils mentioned in this article. Repeat during day,

4) EXFOLIATE: Exfoliate once to three times per week. Using Bodhi Vida's mask with exfoliating scrub will purify and soften, while removing all impurities without drying the skin.  The botanical enzymes exfoliate while the mineral from the clays nourish and draw out toxins that clog pores. The volcanic particles add nutrient dense minerals like sulfur and dual as a gentle exfoliating scrub when you wash off the mask. DIY: Raw honey can be used as an exfoliating mask. Apply directly to the skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Honey MUST be raw and unheated.

5) AVOID: Avoid moisturizers that contain harsh chemicals and alcohol. If you see salicylic acid on the label of ingredients, put it back on the shelf. Alcohol will also dry your skin out. Even for oily skin types drying the skin with acids and alcohol can lead to more sebum production and have the long term reverse desired effect.

6) PROTECT: Protect your face from the sun. I know a healthy tan is very attractive, but you don't want to end up looking like Magda from "There's Something About Mary?" Be smart about how much sun exposure you get on your face. If you are out in direct sun during peak hours use sunscreen. One word: hat!

7) HYDRATE: Drink a lot of water. Lemon water (using organic lemons) is best. Also eat LOTS of organic veggies and cut down on alcohol, sugar, caffeine and cigarettes (do people still smoke, and if so, why?)

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