The Chakras - the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third chakra

Location: At the solar plexus - just below the diaphragm

Sanskrit Name: Manipura

Associated Color: Yellow 

Associated Body Parts:  Pancreas, liver, digestive tract, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system.

Imbalances: When there is an imbalance in this Chakra, it can result in insecurity about physical and financial matters, and the need to dominate others. Digestive disorders are associated with this Chakra.

Function: This Chakra is associated with intellect and is a place of our personal power. When this Chakra is balanced, it helps in transformation of our hopes and aspirations (particularly materialistic) into reality. There is a sense of purpose with balancing of this Chakra. The personality (EGO) that develops during puberty is housed in this chakra.

In opening your third chakra, you may reach deep into your own sense of self and find your balance or boundary point. This point is the use of personal power as a conduit between inner and outer power. 

With the opening of this chakra we have an enhanced ability to manifest in the physical world.

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