Antioxidants and Skincare

Putting you best foot forward and presenting your smiley face after a day/week/month of hard grind can be a challenge. Stress, deadlines, family, kids and lack of time to devote to self-care and sleep take their toll on the laugh lines. It's not always plain sailing, but one way to help give yourself a leg up when me-time is in short supply is to introduce an antioxidant to the regimen. 

Stress, sugar, processed food and dehydration are killers for the body and therefore the skin. Vitamin C will help, but sometimes there needs to be something a little more potent than that. We don't always have a handle on the circumstances that meet us during the passing of our day, so add some electrons into the mix with an antioxidant supplement. 

Turmeric is great for the immune system and for rejuvenating the body. It's a root from the ginger family and you'll find it in curries and we're sure that you've heard the buzz about what magic it can do, but have you heard of astaxanthin? You'll find it in some yeast, krill, crustaceans and shrimp. It crosses the blood/brain barrier and does you tons of good. Add to that polyphenols and catechins from green tea (organic, of course) and you're almost there. Ubiquinol is a bioavailable form of CoQ10 (great for the heart) that also functions as an antioxidant. 

It's a lot to add to the shopping list, so we took care of that for you with our own Rejuvenox. Try it for a month or two and stay ahead of the pack - boost your energy and say no to lethargy, colds and flu as you power through your day feeling human in a good way. 

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