Meditation Dates

For people in search of new and productive ways to spend their free time, meditation dates are becoming a hot topic of discussion. A low key method of inducing the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation, digestion) is to meditate. Anyone who has experienced group meditation will know that the group dynamic keeps you honest - make it once a week or three times a week, it's harder to say, "No!" to the group than it is to just slack off on your own. And it provides a nice boost to your own practice as well. 

Life isn't getting any less stressful, if you hadn't noticed, and knocking back a couple of drinks can get old, especially when you want to keep it cozy. To help with stress, sleep, digestion, cognitive function and getting to know people away from the bar scene, give it a whirl. It's easy - to start, just log in to and see who's getting their "OM" on in your neighborhood.

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