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Night Time Skincare Routine

It’s 6:30 pm, the kids are in the bath, tummies are filled and I’m ready to go to sleep with them in one hour! Somehow I have to juggle the steps between now and then and get myself taken care of (because I NEVER go to sleep without washing my face and brushing my teeth.) A few nights a week, I smear on the mask while the kids are in the bath, which gives me at least 10 mins to have it on, sucking out the dirt and grime of the day. But before that, I cleanse with jojoba oil. “With whaaaat?!” you may ask. I find that cleansing with an oil cleanser removes my eye makeup, dirt, makeup etc...

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Under Eye Dark Circles

How does it feel to look in the mirror and see Ricky the Racoon? Under eye circles are indicative of a few things. One is hereditary and there is not much that can be done in that case, but mostly it’s about the health of the liver and kidneys.  Blood flow is another issue, causing toxic accumulation in the eye bags, and it can be taken care of quite easily in the short and long term.  But first of all the holistic method. For liver and kidney deficiency it will take a week to ten days to remove the sub-occular luggage discoloration; cut down the coffee and up the water. If you drink alcohol, stop the beer and switch to...

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Why Bodhi Vida? Light Cream “Enlightened” Ingredients

There is a reason we named the Bodhi Derma light cream, “Illuminate.” The ingredients brighten the skin, clear the complexion and promote an internal glow that radiates out, from within. With potent plant based ingredients such as: Bright Madonna lily leaf stem cell extract, mango seed butter, apple stem cells, white tea extract, globularia cordifolia, acai berry extract and purple saxifrage flower essence collagen production and elasticity increase complexion evens and appears brighter Skin feels silky smooth Skin is hydrated and soft Apple stem cells nourish and stimulate skin cells as they divide, essentially replenishing the supply of youth-restoring stem cells. Bright Madonna lily leaf stem cell extract promotes a consistent skin tone, making the color appear even throughout. Gloularia...

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Avocado - Your Skin’s Best Friend

Did you know that avocados are nature’s complete vitamin pill in a fruit? Furthermore, they have anti-aging properties as the fruits oils are effective against wrinkles, crow’s feet and skin discoloration. Avocado oil: Defends your skin against aging effects of the sun’s UV rays Increases skin elasticity Reduces dryness, wrinkles and sagging skin For these reasons we’ve added it to our rich cream, Luminesce. Avocado oil is also a powerful wound healer. Try rubbing a little avocado oil, or even fresh avocado, on a wound and it will repair it much faster and more efficiently. Antibacterial ointments actually SLOW healing. That’s because when applied to your skin, they destroy both the bad and good bacteria. Antibacterial ointments may even...

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Adaptogens That You Really Shouldn't Be Without

An adaptogen is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng, although experts say that there is really no Chinese ginseng left in the world. The ginseng you see in the stores that doesn't need you to take out a second mortgage to buy is probably Korean or American - both having different qualities to the traditional Chinese strain. 1. Astragalus This boosts white blood cells and therefore the immune system. It reduces the binding potential of stress hormones, which is a good thing on a bad day.  2. Rhodiola RoseaThis suppresses cortisol binding as well, but boosts oxygen absorption and elevates mood and fights aging. What could be...

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