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Join the Bodhi Derma Ambassador Program and be an ambassador for health, wellness and beauty.

Be the face of change and join the movement that makes taking care of your skin about self nurture! Work for yourself and represent a company with integrity that cares about our future. Bodhi Vida offers one of the highest sales commission in the business and is not a multi level marketing program.

Some choose to earn supplemental income while others earn a living selling Bodhi Derma skincare to individuals and wholesalers.

Bodhi Derma ambassadors earn up to 25% retail commission from all personal sales and 15% commission on wholesale accounts.

Why Bodhi Derma

Ambassador Numbers

These figures are not guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.
Bodhi Derma makes no guarantee of financial success. Success requires skills, passion, leadership and diligence.


1. Register

Purchase ambassador’s kit for $80

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2. Purchase Products

Buy your own Deluxe kit for $250 (25% savings)

Includes 1.7 oz Light Cream, 1.7 oz Rich Cream, 3.9 oz Mask, 1.7 oz, Serum, and 6.8 oz Toner.

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3. Market, Sell & Earn!

Buy your own Deluxe kit for $250 (25% savings)

Earn up to 35% commission on sales and earn money selling clean, effective products you can feel really great about sharing with the world! You’ll receive 20% savings on all Bodhi Derma products, plus a chance to win amazing trips and gifts.

for every product sold 10 trees are planted
all packaging is recyclable and/or reusable
our eco-packaging contains wildflower seeds to plant


Receive 15% OFF your purchase and our Cleanse & Detox E-Book